Reflection Control Panel Marine

The Complete Acoustic Treatment Systems Reflection Control Panel Marine (CATS-REF-CP-MAR) is an acoustic treatment unit which optimises room reflections. It incorporates countersunk mounting points and is just 50 mm deep. The thermoformed solid surface panel meets even the most stringent marine fire resistance requirements. 

Product Description

The CATS Reflection Control Panel Marine is a complex engineered surface designed for wall mounting and which scatters room reflections for clearer, more enveloping audio at mid and high frequencies.

The Reflection Control Panel Marine is a 3 mm thermoformed solid surface moulded in CATS proprietary layout for maximum performance and ease of install with four countersunk mounting points.

The Reflection Control Panel Marine has a total depth of just 50 mm making it one of the shallowest reflection treatment solutions available.

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The Complete‑ATS design services are a mandatory part of the Complete‑ATS acoustic treatment system. Using proprietary computer modelling tools that provide full analysis of the 3Rs of acoustics, the service delivers a detailed report and treatment layout guide.

Complete‑ATS proprietary modelling tools provide a detailed analysis of each of the 3Rs of Acoustics: Resonance, Reverberation and Reflection. Multiple approaches are used to predict and optimise the acoustic performance in each of the 3Rs.

C‑ATS Design Service caters for all levels of systems up to 32 speakers and 8 subwoofers and up to 9 positions in room. Reflections for every speaker and combined Resonance response is calculated for every position for extremely detailed analysis. This data is then distilled in to a text report and a simple to follow acoustic treatment layout.

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